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Management Systems
Bizoltancy’s management systems are NOT for the naturally very organised or meticulous types. The systems are more for those who need things a little more organised without having to become the very organised type themselves. In this way, the systems are relatively easy to implement, as they are designed and used by a person who tends to operate in a less than meticulous way.
Being for the less than meticulous type, allows the systems to be suitable for persons who are usually not so focused on things like paperwork but are good at what they do to earn their living. Sometimes it is as simple as learning to carry a suitable notebook, so things that are often forgotten because at the time the attitude is one of “I’ll remember that”, can be written down - then that notebook becomes the memory when read.
Similar can be done with paperwork. A 2-hole punch and a ring file can ensure paperwork can be easily filed and therefore found by those who need to use them - eg bookkeeper or accountant. Already - for free - there are two ideas to use for a more organised business life, without having to change too much about how one operates. Contact me to quickly become a bit more organised.
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Affordable Ways to Cope with Disorganisation
For People Who Would Like a Little More Structure Within an On-Going Mess