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Mini Plans
Often planing is approached one of two ways: not at all, or developed in a way that a massive and complex document results, that few want to refer to and many dread updating. Bizoltancy has a different approach that looks at specific focused plans or breaking down a larger plan into smaller components that are easier to focus on. These smaller plans can then be designed to interact.
One of the main ways these Mini Plans can interact, is to make most of the mini plans to be relatively robust - that is, need little reference to during implementation or needing little time to update in the future. Importantly, one of the Mini Plans is assigned as central - eg the Strategic Plan - which in essence contains action statements that are directly created from the other mini plans. This ensures a relatively thinnish document to focus on during implementation, assessment and updating,
In this way, the plans have a chance of being ‘Living’ in that the central document is easier to include on an on-going basis. Mini Plans can be deceptive in their size, but this is usually from a refinement process, which is where Bizoltancy can add value as an independent contributor to plan clarity, as well as well speeding the process and implementation.
~ Mini Plans Start From AU $250+gst ~
~ Singular or Component/s of Multiple Plans ~
~ Easy To Do, Implement, Update & Assess  ~