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Project Briefs
The aim of the Project Brief is to create a central document of minimal size that captures the essence of: a desired outcome the current situation some substance about intended activity, and financial considerations The Brief is suitable for: outlining a major project clarifying main points for funding application/s, or planning for a personal challenge/s,
The aim is to contain this information within four A4/US-Letter sized pages that can fit on a single piece of paper when printed outon a two-pages onto one and duplex settings. To help achieve the ‘contained to one page’ is where Bizoltancy can be of value. Granted, having already outlined the essence of the Project Brief, readers could do the process themselves. And you are welcome to do so.
Bizoltancy does have past and current experience developing these Briefs. Other parties have also successfully applied these principles themselves, either after doing their first one with Bizoltancy, or being taught the principles within a workshop. Bizoltancy’s experience of producing these Briefs, as well as being able to act as an independent assessor of project clarity, may well shortcut the process and get results faster.
~ Project Briefs Start From AU $250+gst ~
~ Clarity and Consistency Within A Few Pages ~
~ Easy To Do, Implement, Update & Assess  ~