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Past, Present and Future Life Perspectives
NYUNGAR Continous Indigenous Culture of South Western Australia Given the significant social change in South Western Australia, particularly since the early 1800s, the region’s Indigenous culture has survived despite subtle and overt actions designed to eradicate that culture. Though outwardly non-traditional to most, their current lifestyle remains predominantly influenced by traditional ways.
WADJELA White Fella Living in South Western Australia A Pakeha - White Heritage NZ-born/raised - living in South Western Australia since late 1984, working and studying in private enterprise, horticultural, complemtary health and community settings. Various original materials influenced by that life and not included in other parts of this website, are presented here.
About Cultural Aspects
Outlet for original material that aims to convey different perspectives from and within various sources
The material is designed to challenge both the source and the audience, as well as promoting positive outcomes